Briana Devil

First Impressions

Briana Devil is a pornstar and on the first page of her tour she talks about the hardcore DVDs she´s done. Isn´t that delightful? It´s not clear if she intends on doing hardcore sex on her site but she´s hot enough that I´d just like to spend some time with high quality pictures and videos of the babe. It is clear that she does lesbian content so seeing her lick pussy and kiss another girl should be splendid. I´m also enamored with the many different outfits she tries out. There are lots of preview pictures on the tour and they left me feeling pretty good about going deeper with her.

Hot Promises

Briana Devil has a fair amount of information on her official website so you can get a great idea of what goes on inside before committing to a membership. The first thing she does is assure you that this is indeed her official site; I would assume others have made that claim as well. The promises you picture galleries at a resolution of 1500px and videos at 640x480. She promises solo, lesbian and hardcore porn (yay!) and access to the DVD titles she´s shot for some of the biggest porn companies in the business. There are promises of live webcam shows too. Most models don´t even keep those promises so I wouldn´t count on it but that would be great.


There´s a lot about the site that feels incomplete. It´s like Briana Devil started it with the best of intentions and then decided it wasn´t worth it or she wasn´t getting paid enough. The member´s main page indicates new updates but the she hasn´t shot new content in years and the overall size of the site has actually shrunk. They´re probably taking content away so they can update and make it seem new. There´s a space for her blog but a note reads that it´s coming soon. The space for her webcam schedule says that she´s currently installing webcam software. This site has been online since 2006 so you´d think they would just take that stuff down instead of insulting their members and trying to trick them into believing Briana still has anything to do with this site.

The promise of being able to watch her DVDs was at the very least a white lie. You can pay to watch them on a third party site that they´re making money off of. You can buy them and have them sent to your home. Briana doesn´t actually have them for her members though. There´s a little bit of hardcore content on the site but if you´re looking to join to see her sucking and fucking in the DVDs she promised you should look elsewhere.

There are currently 35 picture galleries and they´re listed six to a page with a pretty thumbnailed tease shot and a title to help you choose your favorite. The first one I checked out is called Office Girl and it shows her sitting behind a desk wearing a short black halter dress (supremely hot stuff) and a pair of glasses. She looks suitably sophisticated and sexy and as you would expect from a pornstar she´s stripping and showing us her little tits and her fresh, fuckable pussy.

That picture gallery, like all the rest, displays at 1600px and can be downloaded in a zip file. The galleries are well designed with thumbnails that you can choose the size of to suit your needs. In all of her galleries the lovely girl shows you the gorgeous naked body. There´s a fair amount of variety in terms of what she wears and what she does. Outfits include lingerie sets, bikinis, dresses and occasionally something kinky like the black latex tube top and boots she puts on for a hot gallery.

In some galleries she penetrates her pussy with a dildo. She always shoves it in real deep to achieve the most pleasure possible. In one set she gives a blowjob, sucking on the guy´s hard cock in a very erotic way. There´s another guy-girl picture gallery but they´re not fucking. Instead they´re rolling around naked. It´s erotic as hell. There are four galleries called Web Party. They feature a mix of girls and it´s not really clear what they are. The pictures look candid and are often blurry. They´re interesting but a little explanation about what´s happening would have been nice to clear up what they´re about.

You get 26 videos as a member. They all have one preview picture and can be streamed or downloaded. Most come in WMV or MPEG at 640x480 and roughly 1100kbps. That´s average or a little below average nowadays. They don´t look great and they don´t look terrible. There are a few high definition videos in the mix though and they look gorgeous. Download speeds were fast so dragging the 350mb files to your hard drive shouldn´t be a problem.

After watching several of the movies it seems clear to me that video is Briana Devil´s ideal medium. Her sexuality in front of the camera comes across far more effectively on video. The way she looks and moves is incredible. There are a few videos where she´s in front of the camera doing a striptease and dance routine and they are absolutely fabulous in every way. She knows innately how to arouse men and she uses that to her advantage to make you cum.

It´s not just solo content though. There are a handful of girl-girl scenes. In some she teases with little kisses and tit play and in others they go a little deeper down the lesbian path to full on sex. You can tell she´s a seasoned pornstar when you see these movies. I was thoroughly disappointed by the lack of hardcore content. She talks about having hardcore DVDs so I figured she would give us a little bit of that inside. Instead it´s just one HD video with a blowjob. It looks great but I wanted more. If you´re like me you´ll just have to settle for Briana fucking herself with a dildo, which she does with some frequency.

On the freebies page you´ll find three tasty wallpapers featuring the lovely babe. You can dress up your desktop and let her turn you on whenever you start your computer. You also get access to six bonus sites and if you´re missing the hardcore fucking they can fill that void. There are two sites with fucking. One features Russian chicks getting boned as their men desire. The other is all about anal with everything that entails, including the occasional double anal penetration. There´s also a lesbian site, a solo teens with dildos site, a babe masturbation site and a blonde babe with her own place online.

Croco´s Opinion

Briana Devil is a hot pornstar who does her best work when she´s in front of a video camera. She moves in the most sensual and sexy ways you´ve ever seen and she arouses with ease. The problem is she doesn´t have much content on her site and all the little extras don´t exist. There are no webcam shows, there´s no blog and you can´t contact her by email (she´s not there to answer, that is). There are only 26 videos and 35 picture galleries and for a site that´s been around for almost half a decade that just won´t do. She does good work but she needed to do more. The picture galleries aren´t particularly impressive either. She looks good but they´re lacking any pop to set them apart like the videos have. The six bonus sites stand as the best reason to join. If you love Briana and her beauty then you can sign up, download all her content and enjoy the bonus action as a way to get the value you deserve from a membership.


Finding your way to all the content is simple but she needs more information about the videos because it´s often difficult to know what each scene contains without downloading.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 for the first month and $65.95 for three months at a time.

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